5 Tips for Layered Necklace Looks


Layered necklaces are an on-trend jewellery fashion that everyone wants to get right.  Whether it's for an everyday or an evening glamour look, a neck full of layered necklaces is the foundation of your jewellery style. Check out our key tips to help you to layer your necklaces.

  1. Wear at least 3 necklaces together.
    Layering of necklaces only really shines once you add your 3rd necklace.  One or two necklaces create a more simple look, the 3rd one make the layer.

  2. Mix up the lengths of your necklaces.
    Choose necklaces in three different lengths - short necklaces, mid-length necklaces and long necklaces; to get the most out of your layered style.

  3. Add some length with a Lariat or Y Necklace. 
    With a deeply elongated look, Lariat and Y Necklaces plunge down the neckline creating the illusion of more length to your upper body. 

  4. Add a Pop of Colour.
    Why not add a some interest with a pop of colour, such as turquoise from our Mineral Glow collection, to your layered look? This acts as the focal point of your jewellery style.  Combine the colour pop with smaller, daintier necklaces to accentuate the centrepiece necklace.

  5. Keep your Metals Consistent.
    If you are going to mix and match metal types, for example Silver & Rose Gold, ensure you keep the mix going throughout your other jewellery.  Going with the same metal throughout your jewellery design will create better cohesion with your layers.

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