Ring Size Guide

How To Determine Your Ring Size

You can easily determine your own ring size with a measuring tape or a cord. To measure simply place the cord (or the measuring tape) around the finger where you want to put the ring. Mark the ends of the cord.


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UK L / EUR 50 / Ø 15.9mm Ring
UK M / EUR 52 / Ø 16.5mm Ring
UK N / EUR 54 / Ø 17.2mm Ring
UK O / EUR 56 / Ø 17.8mm Ring
UK P / EUR 58 / Ø 18.5mm Ring


UK N / EUR 54 / Ø 17.2mm
Whilst designed to fit any ring size, we advise to decide which finger to wear the ring on and only adjust the ring once for the perfect fit on that finger. If the ring is reshaped and resized multiple times, it can weaken its structure.

Adjustable Ring Size | Ania Haie Australia
Rings Size Guide - Rings from size 52 - 58