Cash in on the Coin Necklace Trend


Ania Haie has a great range of playful necklaces to try this year, but some of our favourite have to be the coin necklaces. Coin necklaces are awesome with every fashion girl's favourite layered necklace look. What is the perfect key piece to anchor any layered necklace look? The coin necklace of course! Perfect solo or with an array of other chains, the ancient Green and Roman inspired coin necklace trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Here are a few of our favourite layered necklace looks featuring coin necklaces.  Enjoy!


Double Coin Necklace Layering Combination

You can't help your eye being drawn to the long length Gold Greek Warrior Necklace.

This is the ultimate in coin layering necklaces.  The Gold Ancient Minoan Necklace shines as the mid-length layer.

The Nika Necklace is a stunning short necklace featuring a coin emblem and delicate mini discs. 

The Gold Deus necklace rounds out the neckline featuring several mini coin medallions. 

The Victory Goddess Necklace shines at the bottom of this trio of layered necklaces.  It's a real statement piece with the coin medallion embellished with black enamel on it's fine beaded chain.  

p>Here it's combined beautifully with the Gold Mother Of Pearl Emblem Necklace and the Gold Deus Coin Necklace.
Layered Coin Necklace

Layered necklaces with a coin necklace to anchor

The final layered look focuses on the Axum Coin Necklace. It takes it's inspiration from ancient coins.  

Partner this with the delicate bohemian style Gold Dream Drop Disc Necklace and Gold Bohemia Necklaces for a perfect free spirited style.