Sleeping with Earrings

Should I Take My Earrings Out to Sleep?

It is generally recommended that you take your earrings out when you are sleeping. If you don’t want to take your earrings out, there are some ways to be more comfortable sleeping with them.  These include:

  • using speciality earring backings,
  • changing your sleeping position and
  • using a speciality pillow such as a ring or u-shaped pillow.

It's not just uncomfortable to sleep with earrings. There are other health related reasons to take your earrings off before going to bed at night.  These include things like skin irritations and skin infections. Wearing earrings to bed may be OK sometimes, but the results of sleeping with earrings all the time will become apparent overtime.

Which Earring types are more comfortable to sleep in?

Sleeper earrings are specifically designed to sleep in, so will be more comfortable than other types of earrings for bedtime.  Sleeper earrings are continuous hoops that lie flat against the ear while you sleep. Their design allows for mobility to keep the piercing from growing around the earring. 

If you don't wear sleeper earrings to bed, then look for small earrings without sharp edges. Jagged edges on earrings can snag your favourite sheets or pillows just like your clothes. 

While most of us follow what earring styles are on-trend, we often don’t think about the earring backs.  The style of the earring back can help make some earrings much more comfortable to sleep in. In terms of sleeping comfort, try  earrings with a screw back backs. Screw back earrings have a secure screw design that features a threaded style to allow the backing to screw into the earring post. This will enable you to screw the backing into your earring, without having to push it in to secure it in place.

Check out our range of huggie earrings and small hoop earrings for some comfortable sleeping options. 

Sleeping with Newly Pierced Ears

New ear piercings are always exciting, but they can be uncomfortable to sleep in. Taking the earrings out before going to bed isn't really an option for new piercings. However, there are ways you can leave them in and be more comfortable by following a few simple guidelines:

1) Avoid Sleeping on the Same Side as your Piercing

Sleeping on the same side as your newly pierced ears is typically painful and makes it hard to sleep. It might be hard to avoid sleeping on your side, but arranging your pillows to keep you on your other side or on your back can really help.

2) Keep Your New Piercing Clean

Clean your new piercing every night before going to bed. This will help keep your jewellery clean and prevent any infection in your piercing. Regularly cleaning your piercing also ensures it's well-lubricated and more comfortable while you’re asleep.

3) Avoid Using Certain Headphones

Most people don’t think about headphones, but the headphones that cover your entire ears can irritate ear piercings, especially new or cartilage piercings. Instead, choose a pair of earbuds that go inside your ears until your piercing have healed.