Gemstones for New Year Energy

Style to Attract Good Vibes this New Year with Ania Haie


Happy New Year from everyone on the Ania Haie team! As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome in the new year (in style, of course), what better way to update your 2024 looks than by incorporating some ‘good vibes’ gemstone jewellery? Embracing the spirit of renewal and positive energy, the latest Ania Haie collections are packed with feel-good gemstone details balancing timeless elegance with this year’s biggest trends.


At Ania Haie, we understand that jewellery is way more than just an accessory, it’s a reflection of your individuality, your personal style – even your mood. So, elevate your style this Jan with some gemstone jewellery that serves as both good aesthetic AND good karma.


Healing & Good Fortune with Rose Quartz & Amazonite


Our Spaced Out collection is the place to shop for gemstones that represent healing for the new year as well as copious good luck. You’ll find stunning rose quartz stones that signify healing, love and serenity in the edit as well as glorious amazonite, known for emotional stability, serenity and good fortune. Update your hoop collection with our Orb Rose Quartz Mini Hoops or opt for classic studs with our super-chic Orb Rose Quartz Studs. Bring some colour into your wardrobe with the Orb Amazonite Link Necklace paired with the coordinating Amazonite Chain Bracelet.


Transformation & Protection with Malachite & Lapis


Our Second Nature collection is where you’ll find our incredible green malachite and blue lapis gemstones. Malachite is a rich, deep green stone that signifies positive transformation, energy cleansing and healing while bold blue lapis stones denote protection, wisdom and truth. Both so fitting for the start of a new year, try the Malachite Emblem Chain Bracelet for that perfect pop of on-trend green or ensure all negativity is kept at bay with one of our fave pieces, the Lapis Evil Eye Necklace.


Inner Wisdom & Prosperous Health with Pearls


You’ll find pearls in both our Pop Charms and Pearl Power collections as key details for an on-trend moment but also to signify inner wisdom, positive health and new beginnings. Choose statement pearl pieces like our bold Pearl Sculpted Ring or our Pearl Sparkle Pendant Necklace or instead, choose discreet mother of pearl accents from the Pop Charms collection, such as our beautifully-crafted, two-tone Celestial Charm or Mother of Pearl Kite Charm.


Protection, Peace & Prosperity with Labradorite & Abalone


Our Pop Charms collection features plenty of stones, sparkle and colour but if you’re looking for that hidden meaning, look to our striking labradorite and abalone pieces. Labradorite is a unique iridescent stone that represents protection in the form of a shield towards negativity while the equally unique multi-tone abalone stone embodies peace and prosperity, ideal for kicking off the new year. Try our effortlessly cool and simple Labradorite Charm or Abalone Charm to inject a touch of this meaning into your charm necklaces and bracelets.


Balance, Compassion & Calm with Peridot, Pink Sapphires & Tourmaline


If precious stones call out to you, look no further than our new-season update to our spectacular 14kt Gold collections. You’ll find stunning green peridot gemstones that represent compassion and emotional balance alongside sparkling pink sapphires, best known for being a symbol of strength, love and wisdom and tourmaline, signifying calming and dissipation of negativity, perfect for the new year. Try the head-turning Peridot and White Sapphire necklace or our super-special Tourmaline Huggies for that restful touch of green. Or, make room for some pink in your life with our amazing White and Pink Sapphire Flower Necklace.


New Year is the perfect time to not only update your style and your jewellery collections but to put real thought into what these new pieces mean to you. Fancy elevating your look with stunning jewellery with deep meaning? Gemstone jewellery is the answer for 2024.