How to wear a coin necklace…

The current trend for coin jewellery is towards the ancient, with Greek coin necklaces and Roman coin necklaces increasing in popularity as Australian women look for more history and meaning in the jewellery that they wear for a modern heirloom feel. 

So how should you style your coin necklace we hear you ask? 

How to wear a coin necklace... 

Coin necklaces are perfect for wearing everyday, whether you’re adding a bit of bling to a casual t-shirt and jeans or looking for the perfect necklace for a night on the town. The embellished details of your coin necklace a creates a great talking piece in your fashion style. They can be striking worn along (like the model above) or worn layered with other necklaces to make a real style statement.

During colder months, wear silver or gold coin necklace over cosy jumpers, as a simple way to dress up your style. In summer coin necklaces look great against your skin worn with V-neck or tops with scooped necklines.  Wear them layered with different style necklaces for a bohemian feel that is perfect for the festival season or your next holiday. 

Top 3 tips for choosing your perfect coin necklace…

  1. When layering, mix and match the length of your chains in either silver or gold to compliment your coin necklaces, creating a look that exactly fits your personal style. 

  2. Most coin pendants have a meaning behind them, Roman coin necklaces may depict the goddess Venus who represents love and beauty. Or an ancient Greek coin necklace could feature the goddess Athena for female empowerment or Aphrodite for love. Find a meaning that suits your personality to make it feel special to wear every day. 

  3. A single coin necklace makes a great go-to necklace for everyday and elevates any look. Whether you want to add to your look by adding more coin necklaces or you just want to wear your silver or gold coin necklace by itself, it’s such a versatile piece of jewellery that will effortlessly enhance every outfit!