Ania Haie | New Year, New Wardobe

Update Your Jewellery Collection for a Fresh 2022 Look

A new year is a great time to refresh and update your style. New year, new you. Sound familiar? Before the new spring/summer season hits is one of our favourite times to focus on jewellery. Nailing the staple pieces that you wear day in, day out and then adding a few extra pieces for the year to make a statement – when you feel like it.


Consider Your Staple Jewellery Pieces

Whether you’re having a complete style overhaul or not for the new year, your jewellery staples will be the pieces that take you through from look to look, pulling every outfit together. These are your die-hards. Your eternal must-haves. So, you want to get them right first off.

From a classic short chain like our Padlock Necklace to kick off any layered necklace look to a collection of simple but stunning stacking rings, discover the latest range at Ania Haie for beautiful staple pieces with an edge.


Add New Statement Pieces

The perfect way to breathe new life into your staple and older pieces of jewellery? Inject a few bold statement pieces for the new year and new season. Mix and match these statement pieces with your more classic and timeless jewellery for a luxe look.

Try adding in a pop of colour with our Bright Future collection or choose to incorporate unique gemstones like mother of pearl with our Evil Eye Gold Pendant Necklace.


Mix Up Your Metals

Been wearing the same metal jewellery for as long as you can remember? Why not mix it up for your new 2022 wardrobe? If you’re usually into gold, try adding a few key silver pieces to your collection. And if you tend to lean towards silver, vice versa. This can be a simple but great way to inject something a little different into your look for the new year.

Plus, if you’re not quite ready to wave goodbye to your old metal, you really don’t have to! Simply opt for the mixed metal trend and wear them both together. When it comes to jewellery, you make up your own rules.

Why not add a chunky gold necklace like our Knot T-Bar Chain to your usual layered silver look? Or try mixing up your silver ear stack with the addition of our Gold Padlock Huggie Hoop Earrings.


Clean & Store Your Jewellery Correctly

Lastly, when you’re starting a new year and overhauling your wardrobe, there’s never been a better time to sort through your jewellery, clean everything and organise your storage.

Separate all your jewellery in a way that works for your lifestyle. You could separate by type – hoops, studs, bracelets etc. Or, you could separate by style – everyday, night out, workwear etc. This will help you to see what you have and get more wear out of pieces that don’t usually get a look in when they’re at the bottom of your jewellery box.

After a good clean, invest in something a little luxe to store your jewellery. Whether you like to use suedette pouches or hang your jewellery up, why not treat yourself to something that feels a little special and boujee?

Updating your jewellery for 2022 doesn’t have to mean a complete revamp. Adding a couple of key trend pieces and stocking up on staples is the perfect way to complete every outfit with a touch of added style.