Choker Necklace

The infamous choker necklace was a style staple once left behind in the nineties, but now it's back, and bolder and better than before! We've given the choker necklace a modern makeover with added elegance and extra style, making them the perfect addition to all your necklace layers.

A great way to create your own weekend style is always a pair of blue denim jeans and a cozy white top. Why not finish it off with a choker necklace?  This weekend style wouldn't be complete unless it was layered with your other favourite necklaces. Mix different lengths, simple or coin pendant necklaces and stick to gold for a look that’s on-trend, easy to create and totally versatile.

If you are going for an urban street style, grab your favourite leather jacket! Pair the leather jacket with a simple white t-shirt and classic skinny denims to complete the look perfectly.  Add to that edgy look with a choker necklace and pair it with a mix of gold tone pieces that feature dainty pendants. 

If you work in a formal environment, sporting an OTT choker necklace at work is not a great plan. Instead, your office style can rely on sleek, metallic, minimalistic chokers, worn at the base of your neck. But once the office hours are over and you’re headed to post-work drinks with friends, you can reveal your carefully curated mix and match of gold tone necklaces at different lengths.  

Chokers can also be worn on their own to give a simple, elegant style statement. Check out the full range of Ania Haie Choker Necklaces online now.