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We’re all about comeback trends. You know why? It proves that, if you buy well, you’ll be wearing it forever. And this certainly applies to incredible jewellery.

This season, signet rings are reaching the peak of their comeback and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. This super traditional piece of jewellery has transformed for the modern wardrobe. And we, for one, are obsessed with the statement style they exude.

Where once signet rings were packed with meaning and symbolism, today, they’re the stylish accessory addition anyone can wear.


Where Do Signet Rings Come From?

Signet rings have a pretty long-standing history when it comes to their backstory. Maybe more so than the majority of other pieces of jewellery.

Traditionally, signet rings were worn by important men for two reasons. Firstly, as proof of their identification (the rings were engraved with their family crest). Secondly, the ring would be dipped into hot wax and used to seal important documents with the imprinted crest. The family crest would be engraved in reverse so that the printed seal was perfectly intact.

Worn on the pinky finger on the non-dominant hand, this history dates back as far as the Bronze Age 2000 BC. Giving it some serious antiquity.

During the 18th century, signet rings again gained popularity. During this time, they were seen as more of a piece of jewellery to shows elitism and fortune. And then, through the 19th century, people started to wear them with personalised monograms and signet rings lost their elitism connotations and became more of a fashion piece.

 Now in 2021, they’re one of our favourite revival trends. 


Signet Rings Now

This season, signet rings are all about fitting into a contemporary on-trend wardrobe. And that means designs with a modern twist and the ability to stack.

If you fancy indulging in the trend, you might want to start with a modern twist on a traditional style like our Emblem signet ring. Or if you’re craving something a little bolder, go chunky with our oversized Seljuks ring.

After some colour? Opt for turquoise accents with our Turquoise Emblem signet ring – perfect for spring and summer. Or, make a unique choice with a super-feminine take on the trend with our Mother of Pearl Emblem ring finished with the subtle and soft accents of iridescent pearl.


How to Style a Signet Ring

Like them but not sure how to wear a signet ring?

Wear them solo on any finger – but classically on the pinkie or index finger. Or, our favourite way to wear signet rings – in a unique stack.

If you’re styling a detailed or statement signet ring, you want it to speak for itself. So, style it up with stacks of simple rings to give it depth without overpowering the detail.

Try our simple and minimal Luxe band or add just a small sparkling detail with our Midnight Thick ring. Alternatively, add some texture and chunkiness to your stack with our Crush Adjustable ring.

However you’re styling your signet ring, this is one trend we’re seriously obsessed with this season. And you can tell by the number of options we’ve packed into our latest collections.

Shop on-trend signet rings at Ania Haie and style them up differently to suit your look every day.