Turquoise jewellery is back

Turquoise jewellery is a beautiful, magical colour with indescribable blueish, greenish hues; sometimes with webbing, sometimes without. It has a rich heritage reaching from ancient Egypt to the Native American cultures.  Turquoise is incredibly versatile, lending itself easily to anyone’s personal fashion style.

Turquoise jewellery pop of colourJust like the classics, if like me, your wardrobe is full of monochrome outfits, turquoise can provide the perfect a pop of colour and energy to your outfit. If you’re wearing black, white, or denim, it's so easy to add some turquoise jewellery to give your outfit some edge. 

The casual, laid-back, boho fashion style works really well with turquoise jewellery too. You can achieve the boho style simply by pairing some turquoise jewellery with a more simple outfit, like denim jeans and a peasant top. You’ll get that casual boho vibe without looking like you are over dressed.

However, if you do want to glam it up ... turquoise jewellery can look a little more glam when it’s set in gold, or a little more bohemian and Arizona chic when set in silver. The range of Turquoise jewellery by Ania Haie features smaller, delicate jewellery with turquoise colour pops - the perfect pairing for a sophisticated touch of turquoise.

The Hidden Gem collection embraces nature with both turquoise and mother of pearl jewellery. This collection embodies the ultimate style refresher and will have you carrying a slice of nature wherever you go.

The Mineral Glow jewellery collection by Ania Haie is styled with colour-pop jewellery featuring vibrant turquoise hues and a kaleidoscope of opal colours, making them the perfect standout pieces.