Why We love Huggie Earrings!

Women everywhere love huggie earrings. They are a massively popular earring trend. Why? They perfectly blend the ease of stud earrings and the style of hoop earrings. Huggies can bring a unique style to your earring game: you can look casual, cool or chic with your favourite pair of huggies.  Here are the top 5 reasons we love them:

  1. The number one reason we wear any jewellery is to look great.  Huggies fulfil this in spades. The Gold Cluster Huggie Earrings will add sparkle to any outfit, making you shine from all angles.

  2. Huggie earrings are so comfortable you can sleep in them.  Need I go on? Our Silver Luxe Huggie Hoop Earrings are a great option for everyday wear while still looking amazing. 

  3. No more catching your earrings in your hair with huggie earrings. If you have long hair, then invariably your hair ever gotten wrapped around the post of your earring or knotted up around the earring back.  

  4. No more lost earrings backs with Huggies! Let's face it, women love wearing hoop earrings, but the biggest problem with them are the earring backs and losing them. Instead of earring backs, Huggies have a hinge at the bottom. The post of the hoop is locked to the back of the hoop, closing the circle when the earring is clicked shut. Because no earring back is needed, and the earring itself holds onto the post.  If you love a hoop style, but hate earring backs, you'll love our Silver Sparkle Cascade Huggie Hoops

  5. Ever feel the post of your earring digging into your neck while you are on the phone? Huggie earrings don't hurt while you are on the phone.  We all know you shouldn't hold your phone between your ear and shoulder when you are trying to be hands free, but at least if you wear your huggies, it won’t hurt. 

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