Refundid FAQs

Q - What is Refundid and how do I use it?
A - Refundid is a third party that provides shoppers instant refunds for their online returns. No need to wait for your order to be shipped back and checked before you're issued a refund. Use Refundid to get your refund before you've even sent back your products.

  • With Refundid, your refund appears in your account in under 30 seconds.
  • Enter your order details in the returns portal to get started!

Q - Does it cost me to use Refundid?
A - No! Refundid is 100% free for the customer requesting a refund. That means there's no subscription fees, no set up costs, no transaction fees*.

* You will only be charged if your return is not received within 30 days. 
* You will only be charged if we've identified misconduct. This misconduct is extremely rare.

  • Find out more about misconduct fees here. 

Q - I paid with AfterPay, do I keep making my payments?
A - Yes! Since you haven’t paid for the items in full yet, you will need to keep up with your AfterPay instalments to avoid dishonour fees from AfterPay.

Q - Is there an amount limit through Refundid?
A - Yes, Refundid is capped at $1500 per order.