Types of Earrings

Stud Earrings

Stud EarringsStud earrings are probably the most classic earring style available, everyone has a go-to pair of stud earrings. They usually consist of a small decorative piece held in front of your ear by a metal backing. Stud earrings are the perfect earrings for everyday wear, and depending on the size, can be beautiful when worn layered or individually as a statement.

Typically, stud earrings consist of a head, which holds the decorative earring front to a post.  The earring post goes through the piercing in your ear. The earring post is secured to the ear with a backing. The earring backing can either be push-back or screw-back. Push backings glide onto the post and are held in place by friction. These backing provide an easy to wear, yet secure fastening. Screw backings turn in place onto the post. This is a more secure backing for your earrings, so is the better option for larger earrings.

Stud earrings is that they give the illusion that the decorative front is floating on your ear, no fastenings are visible. Studs are very easy to wear and often smaller than other earring styles. This makes them a perfect choice for women of all ages. Studs are a safe option for a gift as they flatter all types of skin tones and face shapes. If you are creating your own personal jewellery collection, we recommend purchasing a pair or two of studs, they are staples that can be worn with any kind of outfit.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop EarringsHoop earrings are a real staple in every jewellery box.  They are completely circular or semi-circular in shape.  Hoop earrings are typically a hoop of metal that can be opened to go through your ear piercing. They are often made of metal tubing, with a thin wire attachment to penetrate your ear. The hollow tubing is attached to the wire at the front of the ear, and slips into the tube at the back.

Other hoop earring designs do not complete the circle, but go through the ear with a metal post, similar to stud earrings. A variation is the continuous hoop earring. In this design, the earring is constructed of a continuous piece of solid metal, which penetrates through the ear and can be rotated almost 360°. One of the ends is permanently attached to a small piece of metallic tubing or a hollow metallic bead. The other end is inserted into the tubing or bead, and is held in place by tension.

A drop earring attaches to the earlobe and features a gemstone or ornament that dangles down from a chain, hoop, or similar object. The length of these ornaments vary from the very short to the extravagantly long. Such earrings are occasionally known as droplet earrings, dangle earrings, or pendant earrings. They also include chandelier earrings, which branch out into elaborate, multi-level pendants.

Threader Earrings

Threader EarringsThreader earrings, ear thread or ear string style earrings are a chain that is thin enough to thread into the ear hole, and come back out, dangles. Sometimes, people add beads or other materials onto the chain, so the chain dangles with beads below the ear.

threaders so that one end of the chain has a silver or gold post, while the other end features a subtle decorative element. Unlike other earrings, threader earrings are worn so that the fine chain portion of the earring is inserted, post first, through your ear piercing; the post, along with some of the threader chain, is worn dangling behind the earlobe, and the rest of the threader earring hangs in front of your ear. Our threader earrings are popular in gold, silver and rose gold.

Huggie or Huggy Earrings

Huggie EarringsHuggie earrings or huggy earrings are the latest jewellery trend to worn by all your favourite "it people". Everyone from influencers to celebrities have been out and about in these small hoop earrings that hug your earlobes.  Huggies are also sometimes called huggers and like sleepers, are a great everyday earring you can wear - no matter how many ear piercings you have.

Drop Earrings 

Drop earringsDrop earrings are earrings that “drop” just below your earlobe. A drop earring connects at the earlobe, but instead of resting against the ear, it will hang down or drop below your ear. Typically, drop earrings are simple jewellery with decorations like gemstones, beads or charms dropping from the base of the earring.  Some drop earrings are short and sit just below the ear, while others hang very low.  

Ear Cuffs

Ear CuffEar cuffs are small rings worn on the ear.  They stay on by pressing tightly over the ear.  Ear cuffs are typically towards the top of your ear. Unlike other earrings, ear cuffs do not require any piercings. Instead, they stay in place by attaching on the outer edge of the ear's cartilage or by a wire that wraps behind the ear. They give you the look of a piercing without being permanent!  

Ear cuffs are usually worn on one ear at a time, but it doesn't matter which ear you wear them on.

Ear Climbers or Crawlers

Ear Climbers & CrawlersEar climbers are sometimes called ear pins, ear sweeps or crawlers. They are one of the newest trends in jewellery and earring fashion.  Crawlers are earrings that look like they're literally "crawling" up your ear. They usually have one post that you loop into your ear and then a design that faces upwards on your ear.  Ear climbers make a simple statement without being too overpowering.  

Often ear climbers are worn one ear with a single earring on the other ear, making a mismatched style statement. Mix it up a little and wear one ear climber and one  stud on the other ear. Use this on trend style to create your own style!

Hook Earrings

Hook EarringsHook earrings get their name from their appearance, which is reminiscent of an actual fish hook. It’s a small, thin piece of metal that curves around and hooks onto your ear.

The hook earring is different from other earring types because it doesn’t actually have backing. Instead, this earring connects to a decorative front and hooks through your ear. Its shape prevents the earring from falling out and doesn’t require any additional clamps or backings.