Threader Earrings

Our gorgeous threader earrings, designed for pierced ears, are distinguished from our other earring styles by the length of fine chain that you thread through your ear. We design the threaders so that one end of the chain has a silver or gold post, while the other end features a subtle decorative element. Unlike other earrings, threader earrings are worn so that the fine chain portion of the earring is inserted, post first, through your ear piercing; the post, along with some of the threader chain, is worn dangling behind the earlobe, and the rest of the threader earring hangs in front of your ear.  Our threader earrings are popular in gold, silver and rose gold.  

Threader Earrings by Ania Haie

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Helix Threader Earrings
Roman Empress Threader Earrings
Deus Threader Earrings
Swirl Threader Earrings
Glow Threader Earrings

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